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Does Olive Peach Boutique accept returns?

Yes, Please check out our return/refund policies located in "Our Policies" for further details.

Does Olive Peach Boutique have more than one branch?

As of right now we are currently only online other than the occasional pop-ups . We plan to open a storefront boutique in the future. All future plans/pop-up locations will be updated on our social media sites (Facebook and Instagram).

Can I order out of stock sizes?

If an item is out of stock, please send us a direct message. We could have it and just haven't added it to the online inventory. New inventory comes in almost weekly.

Will you adjust the price of an item that goes on sale shortly after I purchased it?

Yes, if an item goes on sale the same exact date that you made your purchase. The difference will be refunded to you.

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